Dawn Rochelle Models : Case Studies

What? GMC, Pontiac & Buick vehicles.

Where? Over 500 locations throughout Texas 

including Dallas Cowboys Charity events and Golf outings, and Transformers Movie openings featuring GMC vehicles.

How? Dawn Rochelle Models coordinated, and managed teams of models to ensure campaign success and the best representation of GMC- Pontiac-Buick

What? Fox Sports Fantasy Football

Where? Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas

How? Dawn Rochelle Models provided up to 6 gorgeous, outgoing models at each location. Models created excitement with give-aways and contests.

What? AVP Pro Volleyball Tournament / Malibu Rum

Where? Atlanta

How: Provided extremely attractive and fit male and female models to represent Malibu Rum as a tournament sponsor. Models created a buzz, posed for photos and were featured on television and in print news.

What? Sierra Mist MLS Soccer

Where? Dallas

How? Provided bilingual male & female ambassadors to sample Sierra Mist and assist patrons and children with a fun futbol game.

What? American Honey Brand Liquor

Where? Nashville, Knoxville, Athens, Atlanta

How? Dawn Rochelle Models provided representitives with state liquor licenses to promote the American Honey brand at area bar nights.


What? Barbie Cares

Where? Nationwide

How? Dawn Rochelle Models assisted national staffing company with finding female “Barbie’s” to appear in Wal-Mart stores for a Mattel Barbie event.

What? Dodge Ram Challenge

Where? Dallas and Ft Worth

How? Dawn Rochelle Models conducted surveys and data capture along with the Dodge Ram Challenge Sweepstakes. Bilingual brand ambassadors engaged consumers in both English & Spanish.

What? Siku Vodka

Where? Los Angeles

How? Dawn Rochelle Models promoted Siku Vodka at Damens LA.

What? Rockwell Tools

Where? Boston

How? Dawn Rochelle Models represented Rockwell Tools at the Orgill Tool Show by greeting and engaging customers.